...(Domenico) makes some indelible points from his character’s perspective.
— LA Times | 12 Angry Men
The play shifts tone, radically at times, from heartwarming to gut-wrenching, all depending on what the character (Domenico) is remembering or trying to suppress. It is intense, thrilling and sometimes heart-breaking.
— myhauntlife | Twist, Pull, Smoke, Run-Motherfucker-Run!
(Domenico’s) frustration comes from something even more insulting to him. The lack of respect he feels when he hears people talking about the Iraq War as “the war that was a mistake.”. There are many political pundits who might agree with that assertion, but to Sean, that doesn’t matter. ‘To hell with experts’ opinions. You mean I almost risked my life for nothing, for a mistake?’ Who wouldn’t be pissed to hear something like that?
— Filmstrip International Film Festival | If I Were To Speak Of War