Herman Melville's towering masterpiece is brought to life in this exciting new stage adaptation by Tom Amen. In the reflective fashion of a memory-play, the action follows the adventures of a young sailor, Ishmael, and his voyage aboard the Pequod; an American whaleship commanded by one of the most haunting and enigmatic literary figures ever created, Captain Ahab.

Bent on revenge for the cruel loss of his leg during a battle with a notoriously menacing white whale, Ahab will stop at nothing in his quest for a moment of reckoning with his hated nemesis. Endowing Moby Dick with brutal, malignant, and evil intentions, Ahab pursues the legendary leviathan across whole oceans until, at long last, these two forces of nature collide in the emptiness of the vast Pacific.

Shakespearean in scope and scriptural in tone, Melville's language takes center stage in this dramatic adaptation that is at once faithful to the novel, yet innovative and interpretive in its own right. The result is a powerful, mesmerizing, and thought provoking meditation on the nature of vengeance, obsession, and the extreme complexity of the human heart.


LA Times