I'm so happy to announce that I've completed the first draft to my One Man show entitled The Greatest Muggia !  

The Greatest Muggia is a one man show of an awestruck grandson telling the true story of his " superhero" Italian grandfather  Gino Muggia. From his humble beginnings at a seaside fishing village to the rise of Fascism. Gino experienced some of the most famous and infamous historical events of the 20th century. 

Many of Gino's tales still serve as life lessons today as his grandson describes in detail what it was like growing up with him. 

Eighty years later these harrowing stories are hard to believe that one man did it all. Stories of love, resiliency, and the quest to finding true happiness are pursuits we still face today. 20th century meets the 21st, old country meets the new country, nostalgia meets the familiar! The only question to ask is why tell them now? Why act like this is the last time you'll hear of Gino's stories?  

I hope as I continue this side project of mine you will be able to answers those question for yourself.